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Raising awareness about the RGPD

Presentation of the online training


Understanding the challenges of the RGPD


30 to 90 minutes

Targeted audience

Suitable for all employees

Benefit from the latest advances in neuroscience with our gamification technology. 

Des hackers volent les données personnelles des entreprises et exercent un chantage sur les sociétés victimes. Il n’existe qu’un rempart entre les criminels et les données de l’entreprise : les employés. Leur mission : sécuriser les données en s’appuyant sur le RGPD.

Content details

The main principles of the GDPR

Discover the history of data protection, personal data and their processing, as well as the different actors in data processing and the role of the CNIL.

People's rights

To go through the existing rights before the GDPR and find out about the new rights introduced by the GDPR and how to manage the exercise of these rights.

Principles of data processing

Learn how to process personal data, define their purpose and retention period. Ask for users' consent and provide them with transparent information.

Security measures

Review the risks to personal data, the general security obligations and the measures to be implemented to protect the data collected.


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