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Raising awareness on Moral Harassment

Presentation of the online training


Understanding Moral harassment


40 minutes

Targeted audience

Suitable for all employees

Benefit from the latest advances in neuroscience with our gamification technology. 

In 2021, between 8 and 10% of people in Europe have experienced harassment at work. Training on situations of harassment allows you to defend yourself and protect others.

Our training is an immersion game created in partnership with the association Souffrance & Travail.

The role-playing approach is a more engaging and effective way of involving your employees. Through 5 scenarios, the learner is invited to identify each harassment situation. They then understand the means of action available to them and the means of preventing these pathogenic behaviours.

This game aims to put learners in a situation, immersed in a potential situation of moral harassment. The learners will be put in the shoes of the main players in the company: 

  • The CEO,
  • The co-workers
  • The manager
  • The potential victim,
  • The persons responsible for the internal investigation as provided for by law.

Content details

Identifying a situation of harassment

Identify the characteristic signs that can lead to a situation of moral harassment, through several role plays.


Understand the different means of action available to be able to react as effectively as possible to a situation of harassment.


Train employees in an effective and concrete way to prevent harassment from occurring.

Benefits for learners

Harcèlement moral au travail formation gamifiée
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