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Raising awareness about Cybersecurity

Presentation of the online training

Adopting good practice in cybersecurity
45 minutes
Targeted audience
Suitable for all employees

Benefit from the latest advances in neuroscience with our gamification technology. 

An IT system will always be vulnerable if its users are not aware of the risks around them. Employees are the first line of defence against cybercrime. This training aims to make learners aware of hacking techniques so that they can adopt good cyber security practices.

Content details

Equipment safety

Separate personal and professional uses, secure your computer during an absence, manage unknown peripherals, update your operating systems, secure your devices on the move.

Digital identity

Learn how to construct strong and easily remembered passwords using "passphrases", understand password security and dual authentication.

Email Box

Detect a fraudulent email, understand good practices to avoid phishing, ransomware and social engineering.


Learn how to surf safely on public or private networks, erase your tracks, detect if a site is suspicious or not secure, avoid malicious ads and pop-ups.

Benefits for learners