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Create your own multiplayer e-learning

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Create your own gamified autonomous e-learning

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Create your own gamified training courses with animator

Work and Play Exclusive: Create your own multiplayer e-learning

A unique innovation on the market: Easily create your e-learning courses in multiplayer mode thanks to our online creation tool, then play all your sessions in team with integrated video.


Multiplayer e-learning transforms professional learning, promotes team cohesion and offers many advantages over traditional e-learning: knowledge sharing, feedback on best practices, mimicry and mirror neurons, learning by impregnation, etc.

Discover now the Multiplayer experience by Work and Play.

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Create, deploy and analyze your gamified e-learning.

Add games to your e-learning: easily create your gamified e-learning with our online creation tool, then publish it on your website or LMS to get individual statistics. Your participants learn in an autonomous and playful way, thanks to escape games, puzzles, red thread games or treasure hunts.


More than a classic e-learning, the learner will find himself in an adventure or an immersive environment that will make him forget that he is in training! He learns and memorizes through his emotions through rallies or puzzles to solve.

Without programming and online, thanks to a library of sets and games set up, and if necessary with the support of our teams in the creation of a storytelling, you will offer a great learning experience to your participants!

The escape game will no longer be a simple teambuilding moment, it will be easily integrated into your training courses!

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Synergy allows the trainer to deploy and facilitate the sessions created with the studio.

Create your own gamified training!

Increase engagement: easily create your training courses with our online creation tool, then run all your face-to-face or remote sessions with integrated video on the integrated platform. Your participants learn, interact and play together, at the same time. During these sessions, it is the trainer who launches the activities with his animation interface. He is at the heart of the system. The trainer's role remains essential in the transfer of knowledge, but the approach is more disruptive thanks to the game.


Whether in competitive or collaborative mode, the Blended Learning addict is still in demand! In the classroom, you will be transported into an environment where the human element is not forgotten! Remotely, Synergy has an integrated video but can be perfectly integrated with Teams. 

You will be able to follow the training from all angles thanks to real time data and perfectly exploitable dashboards.

From space battles to the Minotaur's labyrinth, you can engage your learners in highly immersive and multi-device experiences.

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