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Gamification et vidéo ?

Do you want to teach your employees safer work practices? How to change your employees' habits?  What about Gamification and video?

Let's take the example of health and safety.

Reducing safety risks related to the human factor through prescription alone is not enough.

The spontaneous reactions of some people to a new situation, habit, poor transmission of information, poor knowledge of the issues at stake can sometimes cause extremely serious accidents: these accidents are not inevitable and it is possible to avoid them!

Combining the concepts of Game-based learning and video vidéo For example, one can create strong emotions and lasting memories or inscribe the notion of danger permanently in every mind.

How do you do this?

Nothing is more frightening than watching a film that leads fatally to an accident.

But what a relief to be able to go back in time and change the steps and actions that will change the course of history!

To be more specific...

  1. Choose your topic to build a conditional scenario with the help of business experts
  2. Shoot your film with actors from the field
  3. Edit your mini film with the Studio Work and Play
  4. Make it available on the LMS or as a web download

Making make full use of Game-based learning why that choice ?

As with all games, we had an initial situation, a challenge and obstacles to overcome.

As in all games, it is the participants' actions that determine the outcome of the game.

And that is the most important point, during the film the collaborators are not passive, they act and their decisions determine the outcome of the game.

To date, this tool remains one of the very best tools for training in la santé sécurité

Give it a try! Your employees will never do things the same way again. They will not only be more vigilant for themselves but also for their colleagues because they will have better knowledge of risks and issues.

You protect your employees and restore serenity within your teams thanks to internal communication through game-based learning.

Security is all about shared awareness! Request a demo!

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