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Maximise the retention rate of information with game based learning

Our brain learns, integrates and retains information through several memory mechanisms depending on the context. When using presentations to communicate, we use 80% of our listeners' semantic memory , which is the least efficient over time. The memories of gesture, of emotion and of the senses are much more efficient over time, but less easy to "activate", because it is the context that triggers them. Game-based learning allows these memories to be activated and can therefore be used for learning objectives.

Drive learner engagement with game based learning

Classical learning only stimulates working memory and semantic memory, while game-based learning also stimulates procedural, perceptual and emotional memory. Game based learning allows information to be anchored more deeply in long-term memory.


Speaking, reading, calculating, thinking

Semantic memory

of knowledge

Procedural memory

Know-how and professional expertise

Perceptual memory

Episodic memory, non-conscious memory


Well-being, fear, security, pleasure etc...

You are in charge of creating training content ? Turn it into game-based learning!

Work and Play has created a software suite to create, animate, host and analyse each learner's training path. A range of game mechanics, immersive worlds, learning scenarios and pre-configured games enable our clients to innovate in the way they train their teams, transform their business results and increase their company's performance every day. 

With a human-centred approach, our software suite supports companies in the transmission of skills, promotes positive behaviour in the long term and helps develop habits through Game Based Learning.