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Transform your training courses with gamification!

Use our software platform to innovate with our game based digital learning approach!
Easily create your multimodal training courses, animate them in a disruptive way. Host your training courses and easily track your learners your learners' data!

A software suite for training

Encourage your employees to learn and become more competent and productive! Combine gaming with your training content to achieve your learning objectives and improve your talent management performance!


Create your own multiplayer e-learning

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Create your own gamified autonomous e-learning

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Create your own gamified training courses with animator

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Design a game-based training course using the same content and deploy it in a seminar, a virtual classroom or in e-learning! Introduce a brand new concept to train your employees by easily adding a game-based approach thanks to our software.  Whether you are a designer or not, you don't need any special skills to get started!

Individual and team games

A powerful Web App

Multilingual version

Advanced customisation

Multi-Devices compliant

Groundbreaking gaming

Blended Learning

Mode Phygital en Blended Learning Work and Play

Maintain a human presence with the phygital mode!

Escape Game formation gamifiée Work and Play

Bring your learners into the world of escape games!

Classe virtuelle interactive et collaborative en Blended Learning

Deliver interactive and collaborative training in a virtual classroom!

Digital Learning en mono-joueur ou multi-joueur

Create online courses for single-player or multi-players!

They absolutely loved digital learning!

We are proud of our customers. Discover how they use Work & Play to achieve their goals! 

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